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First things first 🙂 let me explain the 1st step in the NBTW (North Borneo Traditional Wedding).

The BG (bridegroom) shall meet the B’s (bride) parents to ask for their consent. During which, a discussion regarding the hantaran is decided. Hantaran are gifts from the BG’s family. It comprises of:

  1. Clothes/Fabric – My guess is that dresses are to be made from these fabrics. However it is not compulsary for the B to wear them on her big day 🙂 infact, I’ve never seen/heard of B’s wearing them. 🙂
  2. Kain Sarung – Sarungs/Sarongs 🙂 this too is similiar to number 1 with the exception that it is not intended to be sewn to dresses. Sarungs are to be worn on itself.
  3. Handbag – yes 🙂 we get handbags hehehehehe
  4. Cosmetics – yes again 🙂 we get cosmetics as well… we get them in sets…
  5. Jewellry – u-huh 🙂 necklace, bracelet. The mother of the B gets a necklace too from her future son-in-law.
  6. Umbrella – beats me why it’s needed 😛
  7. Shoes – 🙂 teehee shoes too.

There are also miscellaneous items that differ according to regions in Borneo. Some may request for gongs – traditional brass drums or  some may ask for tajau- clay pots that are used to make rice wine/tapai.

The hantaran shall be presented to the B’s family on the day of their engagement- exchange of rings and acceptance ceremony of the hantarans. 

This is a short summary. Although it may differ , but the 7 items listed above are the general items included in the hantaran.  

So friends, I shall post pictures of my coming hantaran. 🙂 I am fortunate enough that I get to pick my own hantaran instead of my future mother-in-law.  Because I have friends that recieve suprise hantaran from their mother-in-law. 🙂 sometimes suprises are not that good. right? 😀


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Hello world!

Hello friends 🙂 Selamat datang! Welcome to my blog.  Posts shall mostly be on my experience going thru the steps involved before a big wedding in the North Borneo culture.  I hope I can share my culture and gain from others as well. Enjoy!

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