The Day

Hi everyone… the BIG day arrived- YESTERDAY!

I want to thank everyone esp my fiance, my parents… that made my engagement day a truly fun, wonderful and memorable event… It’s not something I will ever forget…

Before I show the pics of the yesterdays’ event, let me show a few snap shots of the hantaran … please forgive me for not updating religously but things got pretty hectic when I was assigned to attend a 2week course in Kuala Lumpur. Meaning, I had less than a week time to prepare everything for the event. Remember the list of hantaran that I posted last time? Let me list them out again….

1. Engagement Ring

2.  Necklace

3. Braclet

4. Handbag

5. Shoes

6. Cloths

7. Sarongs

8. Engagement Cake

9.Make-up set

10. Umbrella

11. Necklace (for my mum from my fiance)


All the listed above has been bought, and arranged nicely in baskets. Decorated nicely for presentation below are the pics I took of my hantaran…mind you,  I did my own decoration so please bear wit me if you think its ugly…


The pic above shows the cloths, sarongs and umbrella… Yes… I like butterflies…


The pic above: rings, necklaces, bracelet, and makeup set.



The pic above: Shoes and handbag.

So yeah, there you go… all the hoohah and ruckus just for the hantarans… I did all that in one night, one sitting… fooooooh… was on the floor decorating hahahaha i think i’ve  flattened my bum hahahahaha…

In the next post, I’ll show the pics taken during my engagement. Plus pics of how we party hard Borneo-style! Weehoooo!

I’m engaged!


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oh my goshhhhhh! It’s only less then 2 months away!

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Fully booked

This year is going to be a very very busy year… I’ll be attending 3 of my cousin’s wedding… all within 2 weeks apart from each other… I’ll be having a very full stomach by then… I’m so happy for them… the first gandson/my first cousin to get hitched was last year in November. And during that time too I had 2 other cousin getting married within 2 weeks apart. hahahah I was really ‘nourished’  during the wedding fever as it coincided with the Xmas Holiday…

I am anticipating that things will pick up pace… until then I’ll try to be sponge-like hahahaha absorb everything about wedding preparation from my cousins… til then adios! 🙂 teeheehee

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Long Silence

Forgive me for the long silence. 🙂

Have been busy with work lately and been out of town for the whole of last week.

There hasn’t been much going on here 🙂 just that his family will be visiting next month. Rather a formal get together 🙂 this would be their 2nd visit. Fingers crossed that everything will be great on that day.

So let’s see our checklist today:

1. Clothes/Fabric
2. Kain Sarung
3. Handbag – Checked!
4. Cosmetics – Checked!
5. Jewellry
6. Umbrella
7. Shoes

Was thinking of getting my shoes last week but postponed… 🙂 something came up. Anywayz… have been browsing thru wedding blogs… too much info sometimes is NOT GOOD… 🙂 a blog that have been digging lately is Snippet & Ink. You should check it out!

The US maybe thousands of miles away from Borneo but this blog rocks… lots and lots of info applicable to everyone anywhere…. soooooooo many, infact too many inspiration boards (i’m not joking) from this site. 🙂 *heart heart*

Having my eyes on the budget wedding posts from Snippet & Ink!

Go and check it out now!

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Update Checklist

Here’s a checklist update!

  1. Clothes/Fabric 
  2. Kain Sarung 
  3. Handbag – Checked!
  4. Cosmetics – Checked!
  5. Jewellry
  6. Umbrella
  7. Shoes

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Handbags Galore!

Knowing that Chinese New Year (CNY)  is just around the corner and having experienced the chaos that fills every single-supermarket-hypermarket-wet-market in our town, i asked my granddad/’akung’ to come to town and shop for the CNY necessities for our CNY family gathering. Truth is, we dont speak chinese although some say i look 100% chinese (hahahaha blame it on the eyes) yet our family celebrates CNY every year. This year would be slightly different as i would be bringing home Borneo Dude along (he’s a pure Dusun, so he has no knowledge of CNY other than the fact that you eat tons of oranges, get red money packets (angpow) and scarf lots of good delicious food). 

Ok back to what i was saying,… we went shopping at a local hypermarket and proceeded to town to hit a few  malls. It has been a while since i brought my ‘akung’ to town. I think he was having fun looking at all the stores and their bargains (hehehehehe… this time i didnt offer to buy anything cos i just sponsored a shopping spree of his a few months back)… while window shopping… we came upon a shop that is usally top priority for my mom and i to check out…

BONIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Some of you may think ‘huh?’ … Bonia is a leather boutique that sources the material from Italy and has it sewn locally’. I have been eyeing on a limited edition brown leather handbag with sewn flowers motifs on it. Unfortunately it was sold off… so i took the same-flower-but-coloured instead  brown leather handbag instead 🙂 hehehehe it’s suppose to be part of my hantaran teeheeeheeee…

here’s a few pics





now the price is mind-boggling… it’s half my monthly salary… and looking at the economic turmoil that everyone is talking about… some may think it is a waste but i’m trying to help out the economy… if we all stop buying…  then we’ll have to say goodbye to all our fav boutiques in a few months time…

And to my Borneo Dude, baby thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 😀 my dream came true after all!

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bridal magazines


I have officially been sucked into the bridal-fever when i paid a staggering RM50 for two (yes! only two!) bridal magazines.

1. Instyle Weddings – RM28.90

Instyle Weddings

Instyle Weddings

2. Female Brides – RM20.50

Female Brides Malaysia

Female Brides Malaysia

So what did i get in the end? Nothingggggggggggggggg much to brag about…. International mags just dont give much advice on anything (seriously none!)… i prefer the local Female Brides… gave me wayyyyyyyy more advices and articles to choose from… I promised to myself that i would buy just two magazines and no more. : ) i’ll have to stick to my words. *self discipline my child….aum…*

Looks like there will be more online research in the future… and i like that! heeheehee

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The other day…

… I was surfing around the internet… came upon this really great site for brides-to-be and newly-married ladies… BRIDALBUDS … and if I’m not mistaken… bride-to-be are called Buds and newly-married are called Bloom… everyone is a flower…  my fave flower is plumeria and the first post i read from was from Plumeria Bud…. huhuhu how cute is that? would be so so so nice to join them but alas 🙂 blogging is just a ‘hobby’ hahahaha i dont think i can  spend much time doing research…  but it wouldnt hurt to try 😛

anywayz… its been raining cats and dogs here… which makes me wonder if anybody has actually attended a wet wedding 😛 and how do you handle weddings that dont come with great weather 🙂 … tents provide shade but you’ll end up soaking ur feet :D… i guess indoor is your safest bet…

if you have time,  drop by this site… its fun. I gurantee you!

p/s: i was not paid to promote them… hehehe i wish i was. 😛

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Chit chat

Today I met up with a girlfriend after work at a local pub and bistro. Somehow our topic ranged from surfing to wedding. She asked me ‘where would you pick to have your wedding’. well, to tell you the truth, i dont want mine to be held a huge echo-y hall or at an expensive 5-star hotel. I was thinking, i’d rather prefer a small/medium size resort… perhaps near the beach to have my wedding reception. And if i could, have it in pitched tents on the beach or in a garden facing the sea. watever it was… i was slowly registering the idea in head that i wanted to have a beach wedding.

now now… i do luv the sea but i dislike the sticky after-effect being at the beach…

i still need to work that out.. not sticky, near beach, outdoor. hmmmmm does anyone have any ideas?

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🙂 hello. I’ve been keeping a secret. Only my family and my jogging bestie know. I’ve started hunting good bargains for my hantarans.

And me knowing that cosmetic brands release their Christmas collection as early as in September  (usually they have really really nice offers and packages) I took the oppurtunity to survey myself at the many many beauty/comsmetic counters at the malls.

Shiseido seemed really appealing. They came up with a limited edition Winter collection, Maquillage, a collaboration with Chrisptoher Kane, a reknown UK makeup artist. It comes with a eye-shadow palette (purple or brown shades)and highlighter; gel eyeliner and a free dinner purse. I took the GOLD dinner purse simply because I liked it hehehehe






me likey.

cosmetics.  check!

next my handbag 😀

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